Liam Robertson focuses the latest “Unseen64” on the cancelled Avengers video game. The project, based off the Secret Invasion crossover (with a plot written by its primary author, Brian Michael Bendis), was a casualty of the demise of THQ–a downfall which, among other things, also delayed Obsidian’s South Park: The Stick of Truth. Robertson’s presentation is cut and dry, skimming the corporate pratfalls and economic downturn which made collateral damage of the game and its developers, but offers an in-depth look at what the surviving build was shaping towards.

Eschewing the now-standard “over the shoulder” dynamic in favor of first-person perspective, what’s shown is a series of wide-open maps littered with objectives and opportunities for super-powered mayhem. Co-op is emphasized in the video, showing off various buff effects characters can give and double-teaming combos against alien invaders: presumably, these would encourage the kind of coordinated maneuvers super-group books were built on. At the very least, this cancelled Avengers could’ve used the source material’s weaknesses (Secret Invasion had a notoriously thin plot, squandering a Body Snatchers premise in favor of what amounted to a single fight scene, diced up and spread over eight issues) to power a tights ‘n fights version of Counter-Strike.


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