Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut


Getting a jump on Fallout 4, inXile have re-released their post-apocalyptic sequel for consoles. Wasteland 2 distinguished itself from its rival siblings (the Fallout franchise is also descended from the original Wasteland) with emphasis on a group dynamic. Rather than a lone wanderer, picking up a companion or two, players are assigned a squad of Desert Rangers to explore ruins and keep the peace in towns cobbled together from junk. Followers can be recruited to sprinkle idle chatter with one another and help tip the numbers in your favor. With an isometric view and a cover/flanking system ripped from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there’s also more tactical thought to combat than the Bethesda-era Fallouts. In my playthrough, I often found myself using most of my squad to lay suppressing fire, wearing down the rank and files while my sniper dropped back to pick off tougher enemies. Perfect for raiders, though requiring some adjustment when mutant animals or pod people begin bum-rushing the group. The level up system favors specialization; none of Echo-One are intended as legendary warriors, shaping the future single-handedly. Instead, we’re encouraged to think as components of a whole, chipping away at the insurmountable task of restoring a broken world.


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