Godzilla – The Game


A minor effort, Godzilla the game disappoints only because of its skeletal structure. Primarily focused on a “God of Destruction” mode, where players take the form of Godzilla or various other Toho kaiju and devastate Tokyo while hunting down generators which harness energy the monsters crave (a twist on a neat idea from the lackluster Godzilla 2000), Natsume construct a simulation of lumbering through brutalist metropolitan spaces. The monsters control like tanks, shoulder buttons used to turn them right or left (awkwardly used for roaring, as well), crushing anything smaller than 10 meters underfoot; anything larger is a matter of an appendage swipes or two, maybe the odd energy blast to mix things up, but better to use them on the rival monsters who show up to claim these cityscapes for their own–they’re the only real challenge in the game. Defense forces barely register as an irritant on your way to the next generator, radio chatter indicating little besides sheer terror from pilots and operators at the thought of taking on these creatures. The culmination of this is unlocking and playing as Legendary Pictures’ rebooted Godzilla, a nigh-unstoppable sumo wrestler who rends opponents almost as easily as he does buildings.

Unfortunately, these inklings of horror at the margins are dulled by a minimal effort physics engine: everything crumbles and explodes with the same smoke plumes and fireballs. Monster battles similarly devolve into a series of weak exchanges while waiting to charge a counterattack. It plays like someone’s listless reaction to the excited ramblings of a fan.


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