Resident Evil: Revelations 2

r-e-revelations2 A continuity entry, packaged first as an episodic game, Revelations 2 almost functions as a demonstration of the Resident Evil games’ various mutations. Resident Evil 4‘s over-the-shoulder gunplay, the partner characters of 5 and 6, even a step-tracing plot for its second protagonist similar to Code Veronica all factor in. We open with the inexplicable abduction of Claire Redfield and rookie counter-terrorist Moira, gradually revealed as part of an experiment in yet another bio-weapon (the implications of which are only given lip-service, unfortunately). Six months later, fellow series staple (and Moira’s father) Barry Burton comes looking for them, only to befriend a mysterious child named Natalia. The innovation in Revelations 2 is the ability to alternate between partners in each pairing (or have the role filled by a second player), a mechanic Capcom get some mileage out of. Claire and Moira quickly figure out how to utilize their dispositions in combat: gun-shy Moira picks up a flashlight and quips “Guess I’m on light duty,” then spends the game blinding undead enemies so her counterpart can blast their skulls apart. Barry and Natalia more resemble the dynamic of The Last of Us, a middle-aged man leading a surrogate daughter through an infected hellhole (the undead here occasionally blossom weak points similar to the fungi of Naughty Dog’s monsters). Natalia can distract enemies by throwing bricks at them and squeeze into small spaces to unlock doors, but is mainly used to sense approaching danger. The pairs crisscross over space and time, Barry often left wondering about the causes of the ruinous scenes he comes across. Fitfully exciting amidst the franchise piece-moving and thrills recycled from the Shinji Mikami days.


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