Quick, Before Everyone Forgets and Finds the Next “Best Thing”


Thoughts on Netflix’s ABC’s Disney’s Marvel’s Daredevil. Went from indifference to mild enthusiasm to “it’s okay, I guess?” Don’t want to do a proper review though, so here’s an itemized list:

  1. Everyone talks about the fights. Mainly on the strength of those in the first two episodes, directed by Phil Abraham. Especially the climactic hallway brawl in the second, “Cut Man,” where the wounded hero takes on Russian thugs to rescue a kidnapped child. Abraham blocks low and wide, borrowing inflections from Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy. Enjoyed the little touches: the ropes wrapped around Daredevil’s hands like boxing tape. How Daredevil’s weakened state is stressed in the fight, staggering and stumbling (though still kicking ass). The initial, unseen portions of the fight, broken by a thug sent though a door, and a TV thrown at another who comes to check on him. Nothing in the Marvel films proper is this good.
  2. Fights after “Cut Man” don’t fare as well. Editing is choppier, bloodletting gets ridiculous, telling story through action happens less. It’s disappointing.
  3. Minorities and women continue to be sacrificial lambs in superhero land, and Asian characters are stereotypes.
  4. The whole Stick episode is pointless.
  5. How Daredevil and Kingpin contrast threatens to become interesting. Daredevil’s the hero, but he lies to his friends, while Fisk is honest with his. Would’ve loved if they had a Michael Mann-style chat.
  6. Radar sense was better in the Ben Affleck movie.
  7. Like everything else post-Dark Knight, the point seems to have been missed the torture in that movie was a takedown of the idea of torture.
  8. As Sarah Horrocks points out, the dates are the best parts–Karen/Foggy and Vanessa/Fisk notably. Real sense of place and character in both.
  9. Daredevil’s official costume looks worse than the shitty “homemade” one.

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