One For the Road: Prelude

Amazing Spider-Man #377 - My first comic

New Year’s resolutions are not something I’ve ever really considered doing. Just never saw the appeal. But, this year has left me drained of enjoyment for art and entertainment I’ve previously loved. Comics culture is tiresome, and the comics themselves largely seem to provide diminishing returns for increasing costs. This is compounded by living 30-40 miles from a comic shop in any direction, along with a few personal goals I want to attain (which would be easier if I freed up time taken by my usual hobbies). So, with the year almost over, the timing just seemed right to set forward at least one resolution: no comic books for six months.

This also seemed a good time to take stock of my collection. Pick out some personal high points, reread them, write about them. Something to remind me this hobby is more than a habit before I hit the reset button.

Stay tuned. Or don’t. It’s your business.


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