Enemy Front


In Enemy Front‘s opening cutscene, entrenched American journalist Robert Hawkins speaks valiantly through a radio about relating stories of ordinary people resisting Nazi occupation while the Warsaw Uprising is hammered. Cue flashbacks and players discover Hawkins is no mere observer or recorder of European heroism, but a mover and shaker–the game never confronts this hagiography. Levels play out from Hawkins’ POV, and divide their time between thwarting identikit fascists solo or with companions who are comfortable crouching behind cover while an American does the work. CI Games utilizes the CryEngine to give Hawkins-players the option to stalk, snipe, or run ‘n gun through occupied Europe, including aiding a German saboteur while on the way to Poland (the partner gets captured twice and executed, leaving Hawkins to finish the job right). With a moveset lifted from Far Cry 3‘s Jason Brody at mid-skill and the occasional spacious map, the emphasis (and most of the satisfaction) is on observing enemy patrols from the bushes, before isolating and picking them off. A curious glitch, though (one of many), has the game refusing to load enemies until Hawkins has gotten close enough, ruining the illusion of scouting out targets (glitches are also the only real obstacle to Hawkins, given the often lemmings-esque AI). This does pose one interesting question: if a country is invaded and an American isn’t around to see it, did it happen?


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